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Daily Pivot Points


Looking for some great potential support and resistance levels for your intraday forex trading? The Daily Pivot Points indicator can provide that for you!

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Product Description

Daily Pivot Points are great for intraday trading, providing potential support and resistance levels for the trading day. The calculations are the “standard” ones used by most traders and uses the previous day’s range:

Pivot = (PrevHigh + PrevLow + PrevClose) / 3
R1 = 2×Pivot – PrevLow
S1 = 2×Pivot – PrevHigh
R2 = Pivot + (PrevHigh – PrevLow)
S2 = Pivot – (PrevHigh – PrevLow)
R3 = PrevHigh + 2×(Pivot – PrevLow)
S3 = PrevLow – 2×(PrevHigh – Pivot)


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